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September 16, 2012
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After washing your hands, you climbed up the stairs, rang the bell, clapped twice and bowed. you were visiting a shrine in Japan since you were there on vacation, seeing the sights. You were originally from America, so all of this was foreign and wonderful to you! As you bowed your head, you had no idea what to do, so you made a wish. Please, let me be successful in finding love. you wished, hoping it would come true. You had several crushes over the years, but they all just saw you as family. You had tried to go out with one of your crushes who happened to be your best friend in elementary school, but that never worked out, he never bothered to try to hang out with you. There was one guy you had fallen head over heels for, but he moved away when you were in middle school.  You sighed as you remembered this.
As you finished, you turned around and started going back down the steps. You reached the last step when you tripped over a branch. You braced yourself for the hard impact, but it never came. You opened your eyes to see a man with dark brown eyes and short black hair cradling you in his arms.
"Are you alright miss?" His voice sounded familiar. Now that you realized it, everything about him seemed familiar. Thats when it hit you.
"Kiku?! Kiku Honda Is that you?!" You asked excitedly. He looked at you confused and scared for a moment, then his face brightened.
"______? Is that you? I havent seen you since I moved away from America in middle school!" He smiled softly, recalling those days.
You blushed, realizing what position the both of you were in, as did he. He swiftly placed you up on your feet and rubbed the back of his neck.
"Would you like to catch up over some ramen?" Your crush asked, obviously wanting to spend more time with you. You nodded and walked with him to the nearest ramen shop.
You two sat in there, telling each other about what happened after Kiku moved. It was hard for him to leave his home in America, because of all the wonderful friends he left behind. You tolf him about your job as an owner of a very popular Japanese cuisine restaurant and how you were here to learn more about their food and culture. He was very intrigued. He told you about how he worked as the human personification of Japan, and you were shocked! It went on like this until closing time.
"How long are you going to be in Japan ______-chan?" He asked, his voice sounded a bit depressed.
"Only two more days... I was going to move over here,  but I dont have the money for it..." You sighed, not wanting to leave Kiku. He groaned and started walking you to your hotel.
"Well, would you like me to show you around tomorrow? I mean, If it isnt an inconvenience for you" He asked, face flushing a deep shade of pink. You took hold of his hand, he blushed deeper.
"I would very much like that Kiku!" You smiled and gave him a quick hug before disappearing into your hotel room.
The next day you spent with Kiku, exploring the culture and shopping ALOT. He showed you lots of tourist attractions as well as some places with sentimental meaning to him. Kiku made you try alot of different food that you could only find in Japan, and played games as well.
As evening was approaching, he took you to his favourite park and you two sat on the top of a hill, under a sakura tree watching the sunset. He stared at you as you looked at the sunset. Why does she have to be so cute? Kiku thought as he stared at you. You felt like you were being watched, so you turned your head to look at Kiku and your (e/c) eyes met his chocolate brown ones. His face turned red, and he reached for something behind him.

"___-______, are you cold?" He asked, noticing you shivering. You nodded and he took off his jacket, draping it over your shoulders as he put an arm around you. You leaned into his warm embrace and tried your best not to squeal. You looked up at him, then snuggled your face into his chest, trying to stay warm. You had been so comfortable, you drifted off to sleep.
Kiku stared at you asleep. 'So cute!!' He carefully picked you up and started to walk to your hotel, him still carrying you. He looked through your purse for your hotel room key. When he found it, he opened the door and gently placed you between the covers of your bed. He tucked you in then kissed your forehead and whispered "Goodnight ______. I love you..." With that finally said, he left you a note explaining what happened, then he left the room, heading home.
You woke up in your hotel room. 'How did I get here?' You were still wearing Kiku's Jacket, which made you blush, recalling the park. You wondered as you checked the clock, noticing a small slip of paper sitting in front of it. You curiously grabbed the paper, it read:
"Dear _______-chan,
You fell asleep when we were at the park. I didnt want to wake you, so I just brought you back to your hotel room. I hope that was alright. I put all of your shopping bags near your suitcase. I will come over around 10:00 am to help you take your things to the airport.
You smiled reading the note. He carried you home!! You felt really bad that he had to do that, but it was really sweet of him! You looked over at the clock that read 9:49 am. Shoot. You quickly got a shower, got dressed and finished packing when you heard a soft knock at your door.
"Come in!" you yelled, zipping up your suitcase.
"Are you ready to go ________-chan?" He asked, strolling in, holding a white paper bag.
"Y-Yeah. What in the bag Kiku?" You asked, stomach growling at the sweet smell. He smiled as he handed you the bag. You looked inside the bag and smiled. Taiyaki. You grabbed one and handed it to Kiku. He smiled as you both ate them with glee and headed towards Kiku's car.
When you arrived at the airport, you checked your luggage in and returned to Kiku. He stared at you with sad eyes.
"_-____-chan, I cant believe we're being separated again" He said, tears clouding his dark eyes.
"Please dont cry Kiku, I will see you again! I promise!" You tried to be strong and smiled, but quickly tears sparkled in your (e/c) eyes, spilling down your cheeks. Kiku gave you a big hug and you openly weeped into his jacket.
"_______-chan, I have to tell you something," He said, seriously. You looked up at him curiously. "I-I Love you ______. I have since I lived in America. It broke my heart to leave you, and now I dont want to let you go again. I mean it wasn-" You cut his rambling off by pressing your lips against his, ignoring the 'awwws' coming from the small crowd behind you two. You two stayed like that until you heard the overhead speaker announcing that your flight was boarding. He pulled away, a bittersweet smile on his face. You smiled back at him as he pulled out a small photo album and a large mochi plush and handed them to you.
"Keep in contact with me okay Kiku? Maybe one day, you can come visit me!" You chirped, trying not to start crying again. He smiled and kissed your cheek.
"I will! Hopefully sometime soon too!" He let you go and watched you leave for your flight, taking his heart with you. It broke both of your hearts that it had to end that way, but you will see each other. you were both sure of it.
Youre restaurant had become alot more popular since your trip to Japan, Bringing home new recipes and food for it. You were now running a five star Japanese restaurant, thanks to Kiku. You two had been constantly emailing each other a couple of times a day, but recently he sent you none. It made you very sad. 'Maybe he moved on...' Your eyes started to water as one of your employees walked into your office.
"Miss ______? Someone in the dining area requests to see you" You sighed and got up to follow the waiter to the dining area. After being led through a maze of tables and being constantly thanked, you finally reached the table and froze. At the table sat a man with short black hair and dark brown eyes, smiling brightly.
Haha, Just a quick story I came up with ^^"
I dont own The picture, or Japan, or you...
Comment please? ^w^
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