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September 20, 2012
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"Well maybe if you werent doing such stupid things with your stupid friends, you wouldn't have gotten arrested AGAIN," You yelled, throwing a beer mug in the direction of your Prussian boyfriend. He dodged it with ease and chuckled darkly as the mug shattered against the wall.
"I can do what I want, people should respect the awesomeness that is me, frau," he growled, trying to get closer to you to make you stop yelling "And if you don't shut up, the neighbors will call the cops on the awesome me and you'll have to bail me out again."
"That's all it is with you! 'awesome' this or 'unawesome' that. It's getting on my very last nerve! I've already bailed you and Toni and Francis out of jail THREE TIMES. That's three more than anyone should!" You cried throwing a plate at him. It crashed against his chest and he toppled backwards.
"_-_______!" He gasped out as he hit the floor "Youre going to regret doing that, frau" he picked up a piece of the broken plate and threw it at you with intense speed. You tried to dodge it, but it ended up grazing against your cheek, creating a long gash. You ran your fingers along the fresh cut. It wasn't very deep, but it still hurt.
"You know what? I'm done! I can't deal with this anymore! I'm leaving!" you stated, dropping the box of dishes you were unpacking quite violently as you stormed towards the door. You and Gilbert decided to move away from home and live together after you had a few major "family issues".
He ran his fingers through his silvery hair, dumbfounded by what had just happened.
"________, where will you go?" his voice was shaking and tears were threatening to spill from his crimson eyes.
"Somewhere! I just… can't be here right now!" With that said, you slammed the door and stormed off. You decided to take a walk to cool off, thinking about everything that just happened.You came across a park and sat down on a bench. What happened to the Gilbert I met three years ago? You thought back to that wonderful day.
It was in the middle of winter, snow falling from the sky. You were sitting on a park bench, crying. Your parents had gotten into a huge, violent argument about how much of a mistake you were, and you just had to get away from it. You just sat there, trying to cry away the memory of seeing your mother and father beating each other and trying to beat you. Lots of people just walked by, staring at you like you were a foreign creature, but no one bothered to ask what was wrong or show any sign of caring. You held your stuffed bear closer to your chest, it was all you had at the moment. Suddenly it hit you, literally, a yellow bird hit you in the back of the head, knocking you off of the bench. A boy with silver-white hair and blood red eyes approached you.
"Gilbird! That was so unawesome of you! Sorrry bout that frau, my bird can be a jerk sometimes. I'm Gilbert by the way!" A goofy smile plastered on his face.
"__________." You said as quickly as possible, to not sound like you were crying. He looked down at your curled up figure and asked "_______, are you crying?" You hid your face deeper between your knees "Whats wrong frau?" His face had a sincere look of worry on it. He picked you up in his arms, sat on the bench and placed you gingerly in his lap, embracing you. You immediately started crying. No one has ever cared for you like this, it was a foreign feeling! He gently grabbed yours wrists and tried to pull them away from your face. You immediately flinched and yelped in pain, squirming your hands out of his loose grip. With a confused look on his face, he grabbed your arms and pulled your long sleeves up. His eyes widened and started watering as he saw multiple, deep gashes covering your arms, still bleeding profusely. Without giving it a second thought, he tore off the sleeves on his long sleeve shirt and wrapped them around the wounds, tightly. You winced at this stranger's act. Why is he wasting his time on a loser like you? He lifted your chin to look into your eyes, his crimson ones burning compassion into your dulling (e/c) ones. Your eyes immediately started spilling tears again. He saw this and started kissing away your tears, hugging you a bit tighter. A deep blush quickly covered your paleing face.
"______, did you do this to yourself?" You looked away from him, silently answering his question. "Frau, please dont die, I know I just met you, but I think I love you... I dont want to see you hurt" Gilbert practically whispered, tears staining his pale, snowflake covered face. You looked up at him, wide eyed in disbelief. In truth, you had started to fall for the stranger too. He started to move his face closer to yours, about to press his lips against yours when everything went black.
You woke up in a bed that wasnt yours. When you tried to get up, you immediately fell back, head throbbing in pain. You squirmed out of the covers to check your arms when a strong blast of cold air hit you. You squealed and wondered why you felt so revealed. You looked down to see that you were not wearing your clothes. This made you blush. 'I wonder if I'm at Gilberts house?' You thought. As if on cue, Gilbert burst through the bedroom door arms piled with a bunch of items. Well, not many, just: a bowl of soup, some pain medication, a glass of water and some extra blankets.
"You're awake!" He screeched, nearly dropping everything from excitement. He dropped everything on a small table near the bed and rushed over to your side. "How do you feel?"
"Better I guess... Thanks for wasting your time on a lost cause like me..." You mumbled, tears pricking your eyes. He pushed himself away from the bed and slammed his fists on the floor, shoulders violently shaking. "G-Gilbert...?" His head shot up to meet your confused gaze. He sat up on the bed and held your hands tightly.
"You are not a lost cause! ______, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met! I know that no one is perfect and that we all have our own problems, but you dont have to face them alone! I'll be here for you, through thick and thin, forever." He cried, tears about to spill from his eyes. You tried to say something back, but suddenly there was a spoon in your mouth and a think creamy liquid running down your throat. ( Dont be dirty now ;P ) The soup he made was delicious. He fed you, spoonful after spoonful until you finished the bowl. He then proceeded to coax you into taking some pain medicine, to help ease the throbbing pain in your head. You gestured towards your body, trying to ask about your clothing.
"Oh, your clothes, they were soaking wet, so I took you out of them and put you in one of my old T-shirts" He blushed saying this " I didnt want you to get sick..."
You crawled out of the covers and stood up, examining the T-shirt. It wasnt very long, It was shorter than mid-thigh length, and had a large V-neck. On the T-shirt were the words "I Am Awesome!!" He turned his head away from you, blushing a deep burgundy colour. Noticing this, you giggled and pounced on top of him, pinning him against the bed. He sat there with a shocked look on his tomato red face, which made you giggle " Y'know, you're really cute when you're blushing~"
You leaned your face closer to his, and he quickly averted his gaze. You grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at you, as you roughly pressed your lips against his. His eyes grew wide, but quickly fluttered shut as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You ran your fingers through his silvery-white hair, tousling it gently. He growled and quickly flipped you over so that he was hovering over you. He gently placed you under the blankets and pulled away, a stuttering mess. You tilted your head to the side in confusion, wondering if you did something wrong. He blushed deeper and said "_-_-__-______, not that I didnt enjoy that, its just... you're ONLY wearing a T-shirt..." Having said that, you double checked. Yup. Just a T-shirt. You chuckled at this 'well, at least he isnt a pervert!' He tucked you in and curled up next to you (outside the blanket of course) and kissed you on the forehead as you both drifted off into sleep.
~Flashback End
You grinned recalling that memory. It was the first time that a complete stranger ever noticed you, nonetheless actually cared for you. Not too long after that incident, your parents fighting got more and more gruesome, so you tried to stay out of the house as much as you could. You ended up practically living at Gilbert's house. Your parents told you that you were spending too much time with him, and banned you from seeing him. Which only made you want to see him more. Whenever they caught you sneaking away toward his house, they beat you. At that point, you two agreed to run away together, so that no more harm would come to you. Since you two moved to your current house, the trouble started. He made friends with two men named Antonio and Francis, and they always seemed to get him into trouble. It had been four months since you had moved in, and you two still werent done unpacking, then the incident that happened a few minutes ago was too much to handle. You hugged your knees closer to your chest, silently weeping into them.
"________!!" you heard a familiar voice cry. You looked up to see none other than Gilbert sprinting towards you. You started to get up to flee, but you were quickly and roughly pressed against the back of the bench. You yelped in pain.
"What do you want Gilbert?" you hissed, voice as cold as ice.
"Liebling, just hear me out, okay? I'm sorry I was acting like such a jerk, I dont know what's been coming over me! But seeing you storm out of the house like that made me realize: I really dont want to lose you! If you forgive me, I swear, I will be a better person! I'll stop picking fights, and I'll try to hang out with better people! I know you dont like Francis and Antonio, so I'll try not to hang out with them so much! I'll do anything to prevent myself from losing you! I will change my whole life for you because ich liebe dich!" He bawled, getting on his knees, begging for forgiveness...or so you thought. His hands fumbled around in his pockets as he cleared his throat and said "________. I've known you for three years now, and they have honestly been the best three years of my life! I know I've been lashing out alot, but its because I've been stressing out, trying to find the right way and time to do this" he pulled out a small, dark velvet box, threw it in the air, and caught it on top of his head, box magically opened "I know we're still pretty young, but I really, truly love you! I want to grow old forever by your side and, eventually, die knowing that truly belong together. So _______ _______, Will you marry me?"
You sat there, shocked, tears overflowing in your eyes. You just sat there staring at Gilbert, wide eyed in shock. You definately did not see this coming. He picked the box up off of his head and closed it, tears pricking his eyes.
"I see.I guess you really do hate me... Well, I understand. I was a big jerk. I honestly deserve it. I just want you to know, even if you don-uumphh!" you tackled him to the ground, madly kissing his face. He laughed and picked you both up off of the floor.
"Liebling, you missed" He chuckled, sweeping you off of your feet and giving you a soft, sweet kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and started playing with his hair. He growled and gently put you back on your feet.
"So I take that as a yes?"
You giggled and nodded at him. He took the ring out of the box and slid it onto your ring finger. perfect fit. You smiled as you observed the gem's unique colour. It was a mixture of blue, red and black all swirled in harmony, colours colliding with one and other. You smiled and walked back home, hand in hand with your soon-to-be-husband. Who knew such a bad day would end with a happy ending?
This took WAAAY longer than I wanted ^^"
I hope you like it!
Uhh I'm sorry that its really long, I couldn't help it XD
I Do not own you or prussia ^^
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