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September 3, 2012
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A dozen roses in hand, I walked down the small road, pondering what to say.
"Hey... I haven't come to visit you in a while" I said, brushing my curly blonde hair out of my face, my curl refusing to cooperate. Forcing a smile, I sighed and looked down, tears sparkling in my violet eyes.
 "I haven't been doing so well, I've been being ignored more by everyone. No one notices me anymore, and when they do notice me, they mistake me for Alfred," I let some tears escape the prison of my eyes. Putting the roses down, I wiped my tears, not wanting to look weak in front of you. 
"I really miss you," I said as I got down on my knees, placing the roses with all of the other flowers. I wiped the leaves off of your grave, and smiled seeing your name. It seems like it was just yesterday when we first met.
It was the first day of kindergarden, I was wearing a red hoodie with a maple leaf on it and some jeans. I was being bullied by three big kids who thought I was my big brother, Alfred.
"Leave him alone!" I heard a girl scream. The big kids looked over your small figure. Your (h/c) hair in pigtails with a black bow on top of your head. You were wearing a black and white frilly dress. Your cheeks were puffed out and your arms were crossed over your chest.
"Hm? Dis Frau thinks she can tell ze awesome me vat to do?" the red eyed one chuckled. The other two chuckled as well. They dropped me and circled over to you. The blonde one smirked  "Honhonhon~ belle, you should really be careful with who you mess with~" "Is true chiquita, you have no idea how bad hombres like us can be" the tan one added. Yet you still stood there, confident, unphased by their threats.
"You guys really are stupid, huh?" you chirped, reaching toward the red eyed mans face. Curious, he leaned his face closer to yours and that's when you took hold of his hair and slammed his head into the cement. Everyone froze. You were MUCH stronger than you looked. You smiled innocently as you watched the other two guys soil themselves and run away, dragging the unconscious boy along with them.
"And don't you think 'bout hurting him again!" You giggled, watching them flee in fear. You then walked over to me, still sitting on the floor, and offered me a hand. I took it and you helped me up.
"My name is ____ ____! What's your name?" You asked me, tone of voice changing completely.
"M-My n-name is M-Matthew Williams" I managed to stutter out, I wasn't very good at talking to people.
"Nice to meet you! Wanna be friends?" you asked, a blush sweeping across your face as you looked at the ground.
I nodded my head and you squealed and grabbed my hand, leading me to the classroom.
End flashback.
In loving memory of _______  _________. I couldn't take it. I sat there and just cried, not being able to say any words, I remembered the time I told you I loved you.
It was  in ninth grade, and we were the best of friends. You had just gotten in a fight with your jerk of a boyfriend, Lovino, and you came over to my house for some comfort. I made you a stack of pancakes along with some maple flavoured ice cream and you stuffed your face, tears streaming down your face.
" I just don't see why you keep falling for jerks, you could do so much better _____..." I said, trying to comfort you.
"I-It's just t-that, they're all s-so nice at first, but then theyre all so m-mean" you blubbered, finishing off the last piece of pancake. I stood up and slammed my hands on the table.
"They have no idea what they're missing out on!" I yelled, which must have shocked you, for you fell off of your chair and sat on the floor staring at me in disbelief. I panicked and helped you up, pulling you into an embrace.
"It's their fault they can't see how beautiful you are, inside and out. You can't see how those people look at you. They're jerks. You can't see how..." you looked up at me as I hesitated to say this last part. I sighed. 'come on Matthew! It's now or never!' I pushed some of your hair out of your face, and pushed my lips against yours. You froze, but quickly melted into the kiss. I placed my hands on your hips and you wrapped your arms around my neck. This went on for a couple of minutes until I pulled back, put my forehead on yours
"...much I love you."
This made you smile and kiss me again, only short and sweet this time.
"I love you too Mattie! I just never noticed how much until now!" you smiled, hugging me tightly.
Flashback end
That was honestly the best day of my life. From that day on, we were insuperable.
"I just came to talk, but it seems I can't even manage that..." I whimpered, tears spilling from my eyes. I kissed your grave and whispered "I'll make sure to visit every day. I promise." with that said, I walked back to my car and drove back home.
A couple of months pass, I still visited you everyday, but today was special. I carried a dozen (f/c) roses and set them on your grave and smiled.
"Hey ____! Happy birthday! It's been exactly a year since the incident, and I still can't let go. I really loved you. Alfred keeps trying to tell me it's time to move on, but there is no moving on. You were my other half, without you, my life is just, empty. He tried setting me up with other girls, but it's not the same. They're no you. They're not even close in comparison. Your beauty was that of an angel, your voice could pull me out of my deepest of depressions. You were a porcelain doll, these girls are plastic" I chuckled at the last part and sat down. Has it really been a year already? I shuttered remembering the day I lost you.
It was your birthday, and I wanted to do something special, so with help from Alfred, I set up a picnic at your favourite park. I covered your eyes with a blindfold, and you squealed.
"Mattie! What's this all about?" you tried to remove the blindfold, but I playfully slapped your hand away. I put my lips next to your ear and playfully whispered " It's a surprise my Maple leaf~" then I nibbled on your ear which made you squeak, a crimson blush moving across your face. I chuckled and picked you up bridal style and ran to my car, carefully placing you in the passengers seat, I climbed in and drove to the park. You just sat there, smiling, trusting me completely. As we arrived at the park, I helped you out of the car, and guided you towards the picnic blanket.
"Mattie~ where are we? I really want to know! Your cousin Francis better not be here!" you giggled, excited to see what's happening. I rolled my eyes at the last part and helped you sit down. You looked up in my direction, and tilted your head in confusion.
"You're cute, you know that?" I cooed as I started removing the blindfold.
"I'm not as cute as you are~" you said, trying to kiss my nose, but got my eye instead.
"Ready?" I laughed, pulling off the blindfold. Your eyes widened, then started to water. I was scared you didn't like it. I opened my mouth to ask what was wrong, but before I could say anything, you tackled me and started frantically kissing my face.
"You did all of this for me? Matthew Williams, you are the best~" You squealed before planting a kiss on my lips. I blushed at this, and kissed back. After about a minute I broke the kiss.
"Not that I don't love this, but the foods getting cold" I said, rubbing the back of my head. You nodded as I pulled out some plates, forks, cups and pasta.
"Pasta is my favourite!!" You grinned and starting to serve yourself.
After we finished eating, I fumbled through my pockets, nervously. You seemed to notice and asked "Mattie? What's wrong?"
I looked up and noticed I was caught. I sighed and stood up. You stood up too, worry filling your face. As you stood up, I pulled out a small, black, velvety box and got down on one knee. Your eyes immediately started tearing up.
"_____, you've been my best friend for all of my life, you've been with me, through good times and bad, you're my life! I was just wondering, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" I looked up at you and opened the box. Inside was a beautiful golden band with a good sized diamond in the center. You started crying and tackled me into a hug. 
"YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Oh Mattie!" you cried into my shirt as I slipped the ring onto your finger. Perfect. I smiled from ear to ear. Nothing could ruin this day!
I spoke too soon though, for some of my brothers enemies were taking a stroll through the park when they spotted me. Thinking I was Alfred, one of them pulled out his shotgun.
"HEY AMERICA. TAKE THIS YOU BASTARD!" the man pulled the trigger, and I flinched and tried to cover you. Too late. He missed me completely and got you right in the stomach. You stumbled backwards, and fell to the ground, clutching the wound.
"NO!" I screamed, sitting on the floor next to you, clutching your hand.
"M-Mattie..." you mumbled, ever so quietly. You spit up some blood, then looked at me with your big (e/c) eyes. "I-I love y-you..." you said, violently coughing up some blood, then lying completely still. I held you close to my chest and cried. That bastard! How could he just rip my world away like that? I stayed like that until the paramedics came around and pried me away from you.
Later at the hospital, they told me there was nothing they could do, you were gone forever.
Flashback end
It was my fault you were gone. All my fault. If I didn't look so much like Alfred this would've never happened to you. If only I protected you. I cried harder and punched the ground. I quickly got up, and ran to the park where you died. There was a small statue there for you. I smiled whenever I saw it. It makes me remember, you're always with me, wherever I am. I sat on the park bench, admiring the statue. It was of a couple, holding hands, staring at one and other lovingly with a small plaque below it. The plaque read: in memory of ______ and her husband Matthew Williams. The distance doesn't matter, if the love is true.
I was listening to the song Lucy by skillet and thought of this (>人<;)
I feel really bad for writing this, I even cried a couple of times...
Can you guess who killed you? :D (yes it is a hetalia character)
I do not own Canada, America, the BTT,you, or your mystery killer.
I do however own this story :3
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