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March 18, 2013
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"No Arthur! I've had it! I want you out of here before I come home from work! And take all of your stuff! I don't want you to leave a single thing because we're through!" you screamed, tears pouring from your eyes. Your boyfriend, Arthur Kirkland, had been going out of his way to ignore you for weeks. Every night he would come home extremely late and not utter a single word to you, not even a goodnight. It was driving you up the wall.
"Love please! Let me explain!" Arthur begged, practically in tears.
You shook your head and slung your bag over your shoulder, tears rolling down your cheeks "No! I don't want to hear it! Why don't you just go run off with Amelia? I'm sure you two will be very happy together." you slammed the door and ran off to your car.
Amelia was his ex-girlfriend who was still quite obviously not over him. You had suspected that Arthur was cheating on you with her because every time she would come around, she would give Arthur this sly look that would cause him to blush.
You sat at the steering wheel and drove off, trying your hardest not to cry until you made it to the parking lot at work and you just let it all out. You cried for about ten minutes and wiped your eyes, pulling down the mirror to wipe and fix your makeup and hair, then you got out, making sure to lock your door.
“You’re okay (y/n)… You’re a strong girl, you can do this” You encouraged yourself and walked into the bar, straightening your apron.
You worked as a singing waitress at a bar; basically you take their order and ask if they would like to purchase a song that you would sing to them. It was a very interesting job, but the money was good, so you didn’t complain. You clocked in and started your shift, heading table to table and working your magic.
As your shift reached its last few minutes, you decided to start packing up. Your shift had officially ended and you walked over to clock out, but your boss had stopped you. You growled slightly.
“There is one gentleman over there, take care of him and you may leave.” She said, pointing to a booth.
“Y-Yes Ma’am…” you grumbled and slipped your apron back on and walked over to the man “Hello sir! How are you this evening?” no answer. “Okay, well how may I help you this evening sir?” You smiled widely.
His green eyes perused the menu as you got a closer look. He had green eyes just like Arthur, messy black hair that went into his face, and tons of piercings. You sighed loudly. He reminded you of when Arthur was in his punk phase… Oh shit! Was he talking?
“I’m sorry, could you repeat that sir?”
He smiled softly and nodded “Vodka on the rocks and a burger please” An American accent with a slight hint of British said.
“Coming right up sir!” You said and left, returning with the items he requested, smiling widely as you caught a glimpse of his guitar. It seemed… familiar somehow “You play guitar?”
He smiled widely and nodded “That I do. Would you like to hear a song?” you looked around slightly to see if anyone was in sight, then nodded, pulling out a chair from a different table and sat across from him. He chuckled and stood up, grabbing his guitar and warming up, plucking a few strings before taking a deep breath, starting to sing in an extremely familiar voice.
    “Forever can never be long enough for me, to feel like I’ve had long enough with you”
The song was so gentle… The complete opposite of the way he looked!
    “Forget the world now we won’t let them see, but there’s one thing left to do”
You were now watching his lips, mesmerized by that sweet voice.
    “Now that the weight has lifted, and love has surely shifted my way”
It sounded just like… Arthur! The man pulled off his wig, revealing messy blonde hair and those bushy eyebrows you have grown to love. You gasped and put your hands over your mouth, angry with yourself that you had fallen for his trick. As he removed the wig, he tossed the guitar onto the chair and dropped onto one knee, holding up a box as he sang the last line.
    “Marry me. Today and everyday”
He sang acapella, and opened the box, revealing a sparkly diamond ring, glistening in the dimly lit room. Your eyes glittered and watered as you stared at the British man in front of you.
“Look love, I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you, but I’ve been working extra hours for this moment. Once I scraped up enough money, Amelia showed up at my work and started flirting with me. But when I told her my plan, she squealed and promised to help me through this, even if it hurt her. So every bit of free time I had I spent it looking for the perfect ring for you. I was planning on doing this on our anniversary, but things got a little bit… out of hand. I love you (y/n)…With all my heart… Will you marry me?” He pushed the small box in your direction a bit, encouraging you to answer.
Your eyes watered as you looked at him, the light making the ring stand out against the soft black velvet. It glistened in the poorly lit room, as tears ran down your face.
“I…uh.. Ye-uhhh… I-..” You stuttered, trying to answer, but instead tackled him to the ground, pressing your lips to his feverishly.
His eyes widened, but he wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you back.
“Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes!” You mumbled against his lips.
He smiled widely and kissed you passionately, slipping his arms around your waist as you heard someone clear their throat. Your head shot up as you blushed darkly, realizing your boss, Amelia, was watching with her arms crossed.
“Congratulations (y/n) Kirkland….” She muttered as she tossed you a pair of keys “Lock up when you’re done cleaning up, I’m going home...”
You took them and smiled at your fiancé, waiting for his ex to leave before kissing him again. This day started out terribly, but ended in the best way possible.
Ta da~
I've been really inspired by music lately and I'm really stuck on my Russia series ^^"
But until then, enjoy the random inserts I throw in here~
I found the picture on tumblr, so idk the artist...
I dont own hetalia, or england, or train!
That reminds me! The song is Marry Me by Train
Here's the link~ [link]
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